Myrto’s collections reflect her fascination toward the sculptural dynamic of jewellery. She handcrafts prototype models herself, fervently experimenting and pushing the boundaries of shapes and forms as they continually reinvent themselves and transform into jewellery attuned to the body.

Her background in theatre design and sculpture has armed her with a discerning eye for detail and intricacy, and with much practiced hands. Her studies and work in art therapy have bestowed her with a natural curiosity toward the human psyche and how this translates into visual imagery.

She likes to navigate between different fields of inspiration. From the study of nature, to the aesthetics of architecture and sculpture, she creates a rich visual vocabulary that gets channeled into her designs. Embedded within all her creations, whether organic or geometric, lies the idea of form, fluidity and motion. Though solid, her forms are never static, making one feel that their shapes may continue to evolve beyond the boundaries of the piece.

Within her jewellery line, each collection forms a proposition for a concept. Each concept becomes an ever-expanding universe where ideas get revisited and perfected over time; designs grow in complexity and ripen into maturity. Like so, the collections benefit from a continuous renewal and acquire an enduring scope within time.

Myrto creates with a passion and commitment to always evolve in terms of techniques and design. She creates with an aim to remain true to the nature of jewellery as the art of extraversion; a celebration of the human desire to decorate the body as a statement of ones personal affinities and unique character.

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