Collection Alis


Alis, a ‘symphony of colour’ jewellery collection is comprised exclusively of unique, one-of-a-kind jewels. Inspired by the beauty of colour and the extraordinary variety of tourmaline shades, each piece has been composed in a nonpareil fashion. Tourmaline cabochons adorn the collection, like perfect droplets of water that sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow. Dreamy and elusive, they have landed on the jewels, capturing a glimmering moment of existence in their luscious colours. Like in a dream.
Collection Secret Garden

Secret Garden

In Secret Garden, opulent gems infuse their potent magical story and breathe life into one of a kind jewels. Paradise Kingdom is about letting your imagination delve into the lavish realm of fairytales and imaginings, and invoke your own flight of dreamy fancy.
Collection Alchemist


The Alchemist collection celebrates the primacy of geometric forms as seen through curious designer eyes. Shapes spontaneously bounce into play with one another; at times they become elevated from their flat planes into sculpturally curved forms while others become lavishly transfigured as they spurt into bursts of colors. The Alchemist collection is designed to make a gripping impression with its playful minimalism and straightforward beauty.
Collection Iphigeneia


In Iphigeneia, a delicate collection in 18k gold, the potency of the unilinear form is explored as it is sculpted into something intricately intriguing. Designed to be compelling in its eloquent simplicity, when worn, it becomes imprinted somewhere at the edge of consciousness.
Collection Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon features sculptural pieces inspired by the graceful forms and flows of nature. Finished in either the dreamy dark hues of midnight or the shimmering silver shades of the moon, Midnight Moon is designed to be worn boldly and courageously by the contemporary muse.
Designed by Cantaloop