Myrto’s approach as a jeweler draws on the expression of the personal and the emotional. Born and raised in Greece, Myrto spent her childhood soaking up its light, its wild sea landscapes and the spirit of its people. 

In 2000, she ventured off to London to study theatre design. For her, theatre design was all about conjuring up miniscule, fantastical worlds for her heroes. She later chose to specialise in Art Therapy at New York University. The idea of the image being an allegory of the self was ever so elusive.

 In 2009, an arbitrary class in wax carving introduced her to the art of modelling in wax. Enthralled by this technique, she took to obsessively carving waxes. A few years later these formed her first collection, which she presented in an exhibition in Athens, Greece.

 Inspired by nature, the pieces were sculptural explorations of shapes and forms that unravel on the body. Cast in sterling silver, the line was bold and expressive. Following the enthusiasm with which her first collection was received from the press and stores alike, in 2011 Myrto turned to her calling in jewelry.

 A dedicated designer-maker, she sought to discover the entire scope of her craft, soon enough stumbling into the magical world of precious stones.

The magnificent range of colors, the cuts that sparkle with light, and the feeling of pure earth sparkled her imagination with ideas. At first, she modestly sprinkled her sculpural pieces with stones. Eventually, the stones took center force and unique gems breathed life into the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces.

The birth of her daughter in 2017 moved her to make a leap and launch her first all 18k gold collection: ‘Alis’, a collection inspired by colour and designed around stones. The colour combinations emit a radiant energy from wherein deep symbolic connections emerge.

Myrto’s jewelry pieces are small embodiments of life, memory and perception that stand as expressions of form and/or colour. The feeling transfigures into tangible form. The personal becomes the social. The jewel becomes a medium of communication and connection with its wearer and so, takes on a life of its own.


Wax Carving